Phantom 45

Phantom 45
Phantom 45

Phantom 45 - A top Drum & Bass DJ from Chicago

PHANTOM 45, aka Brian Sarpalius, is a legendary Chicago based DJ/Producer who began his storied DJ career in 1987, playing early House Music in his hometown of Chicago Illinois. After a few years spinning house music, Phantom 45 graduated to early UK Hardcore (the precursor to JUNGLE/DRUM+BASS). 

Phantom 45 became well known for championing his unique style Drum & Bass music with smooth, meticulous mixing, much like a classic CHICAGO HOUSE DJ.  Always one to lay down long blends and proper tune selections om every set, Phantom 45 has traveled extensively over the years, playing for thousands of people in warehouses, festivals, and club date tours with his musical colleague Danny the Wildchild.

Phantom 45 has released music and mixes on major labels such as MOONSHINE, SUBURBAN BASE, and SURGE RECORRDINGS. Currently, PHANTOM 45 is pumping out mixes (new and classic remasters) like a mad man on his MIXCLOUD page, and if you were in Chicago this summer you may have caught him on Friday, July 7th on the BASS BY THE POUND stage at the 2023 WEST FEST, CHICAGO's popular three-day street festival with DJs and live bands and where Chicago legend Jesse Saunders won a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Phantom 45 will be featured at this year’s Science and Sickness event presented by Kontrolled Kaos alongside other Drum & Bass Legends such as DJ DB, Danny the Wildchild, Odi, Monk and more.

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