About Kontrolled Kaos

Since 1996, the team at Kontrolled Kaos has produced electronic music events in the United States of America. Kontrolled Kaos was create by veteran event producers Eric and Moe Rogers who are extremely passionate about producing high quality events with legendary talent crafted for the people.

Kontrolled Kaos produces a wide variety of electronic music events primarily focused on Drum & Bass, Jungle, House, Techno and many other genres of electronic and underground music.

The vast majority of music events created by Kontrolled Kaos have been located in the South Eastern U.S. but their reach and the respect they have earned has been worldwide. Most recent event productions, planning, and past events have been in the following regions: 

Atlanta, GA · Sarasota, FL · Miami, FL · Orlando, FL · Gainesville, FL · Tampa, FL and surrounding areas.


Upcoming Drum and Bass Events in America

Kontrolled Kaos produces, promotes, and supports music events in America and worldwide with a strong focus on electronic music events. We truly believe in providing support, not only by producing events and nurturing the culture of the electronic music community, but also by supporting causes within the community itself.

Lear more about some of the many Community Causes that we support, including Fundraisers, Non-Profit Organizations and more by clicking here.


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