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Since 1996 our team has produced some amazing electronic music events in the United States. Every event we produce is done with love, passion and positive energy to create a memorable experience for all.

At Kontrolled Kaos, we bring our vast and rather diverse experience, professionalism, and understanding of the underground community, rave culture, and the electronic music industry to the forefront of every event we produce. We are driven by our passion for producing high quality music events featuring legendary talent accompanied by local and region supporting acts we feel complement each of our carefully curated lineups for the events we produce.

Saturday 11/18/23

Kontrolled Kaos presents: Science / Sickness

FEATURING: Two Rooms of Drum & Bass Music with a very special Legendary Lineup you will NOT want to miss!

DATE: Saturday November 18th, 2023

LOCATION: TWO Legendary Venues merged into ONE...
SIMON'S + SIGNAL in Gainesville Florida USA.

Legendary US DnB Lineup including:
DJ DB (NYC), Phantom 45, Danny the Wildchild, Odi, Monk, Circle K & MC Collaborator, MTPockets, ILLTERROR, Hellman

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Calling all Florida Drum and Bass and Gainesville Drum and Bass fans... scratch that, ALL U.S. DRUM AND BASS FANS. Kontrolled Kaos presents one of the most anticipated Drum & Bass Music Events in Gainesville Florida. This is a LEGENDARY LINEUP featuring some of the originators or U.S. DnB and Rave Culture in America. DO NOT MISS THIS FLORIDA DRUM n BASS Event:

Saturday November 18th, 2023
Kontrolled Kaos presents

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