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Giving Back to those who give so much to the Music Community.

At Kontrolled Kaos, we believe in supporting a wide array of causes that have impacted our music community. Some of these include those in need who have made contributions to the music community in some way or another. When a call for support happens, we do our best to help provide assistance in any ways that we can. Below is a list of non-profit organizations, charity organizations, and fund raisers we feel are worthy of supporting and could greatly benefit from any help our community can provide.


Honoring the Legacy of Superstar MC Mickey Flair: A Fundraiser for His Beloved Children

In a somber turn of events, the vibrant beats of the drum & bass community fell silent on March 25, 2023, as the news of Che Sergio Young's passing, widely known as the charismatic Superstar MC Mickey Flair, sent shockwaves through Gainesville, Florida, and the entire music industry. Che was discovered unresponsive on his bed, leaving his family, friends, and loved ones utterly devastated. His untimely demise, presumed to have occurred in his sleep, has left a void that can never truly be filled.

Che's legacy as MC Mickey Flair, the maestro of the drum & bass scene, touched the hearts of countless fans across America. His magnetic stage presence and unparalleled talent endeared him not only to the audience but also to a host of friends and fans alike, who admired his contributions to the music community.

Now, in the wake of this heartbreaking loss, Che's children have bravely stepped forward to raise funds for their beloved father's funeral arrangements. The grieving family is navigating the challenging task of organizing a fitting farewell in Che's hometown of Los Angeles, California, where his influence and artistry blossomed.

The fundraiser, a testament to the love and respect Che inspired, calls upon the drum & bass community, underground music community, electronic music community, friends, and well-wishers to contribute in any way they can. Every donation, no matter how small, will play a crucial role in honoring the memory of Superstar MC Mickey Flair. The funds collected will be dedicated entirely to the funeral arrangements, in addition to ensuring that Che's children can bid their father farewell with the dignity and respect he deserves, and to his children to assist them in their immense time of need.

For those unable to contribute financially, the family earnestly requests your support in sharing the GoFundMe page across social media platforms. In this time of profound grief, your solidarity and kindness will serve as a beacon of hope, reminding everyone that even in the face of tragedy, the music community stands united, bound together by love and the enduring spirit of Superstar MC Mickey Flair.

MC Mickey Flair

Unite our beats for Transmission Drum and Bass

The DNB movement is rapidly gaining momentum throughout the United States. Transmission Drum and Bass believes in the transformative power of music. They have harnessed the electrifying energy of DNB to drive positive change in the Las Vegas community and bring a space for all of us to gather in.

Originally started in 2014, Transmission is the oldest DnB monthly event still running in Las Vegas. It has become a staple in the Vegas nightlife scene that draws talent from many amazing local and out of state drum and bass acts.

The founder of Transmission, our dear friend and beloved Bobby, needs our help in order to keep these free events coming at Spckrft. Admission for events normally would cover event space rents, artist payments, and fees associated with licensing/insurance. Due to licensing requirements, the event is unable to charge for admission at the door. Transmission can no longer afford to keep these events going in this wonderful venue. Bobby has been covering these costs 100% out of his own pocket to keep the music alive and the bass flowing for the community. This is why right now, more than ever, Transmission Drum and Bass needs our support.

By contributing to this fundraiser, you’ll directly help us change lives for the better and keep drum and bass events in the Vegas area alive. Your donations and attendance are catalysts for meaningful transformation within our community and are much appreciated.

Come Dance for good, connect with like-minded souls, and be a part of something meaningful. If you are in the Las Vegas area, or plan on visiting, please show your support by attending one of the monthly Transmission Drum & Bass Events. You can also help by making a donation through the official GoFundMe page by clicking here.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Unite Our Beats for Transmission Drum and Bass

Rallying Together: A Fundraiser to Support Leigh and Boh in Their Time of Need

At the beginning of November 2023, a life-changing diagnosis unfolded for Leigh, a spirited soul in the Florida music community. Leigh and her partner Boh are the owners/operators of Little Bohemia Miami and have been a staple in the community.

Unfortunately, Leigh had been coughing persistently, prompting her partner Boh to take her to the hospital, fearing she might have cracked a rib. Little did they know, the universe had a different plan in store for them. The diagnostic results were swift and devastating – Leigh was unknowingly battling a very aggressive and advanced form of cancer.

For the past week, friends and family gathered around Leigh, offering unwavering support, love, and comfort. Boh, her devoted partner, stood by her side tirelessly, postponing his new job to be with Leigh during her most vulnerable moments. Their lives were irrevocably altered, and they face not only the emotional toll of the situation but also the mounting financial challenges that often accompany a serious illness.

With immense courage, Leigh was finally discharged from the hospital to spend her precious moments at home surrounded by the warmth of her loved ones. The couple's dream of a peaceful life together had suddenly been clouded by medical bills, in-home care costs, and the daunting prospect of funeral and memorial expenses.

However, amidst the heart-wrenching circumstances, a glimmer of hope emerged. Friends, family, and even strangers were moved by Leigh and Boh's story, and the community began to rally together in a remarkable display of compassion. A fundraiser was initiated to support this courageous couple in their time of need.

Leigh and Boh, the architects behind the charming haven known as Little Bohemia, have always been the ones to bring joy and happiness to others. Now, it is our turn to extend our hands in generosity and help ease their burdens. The fundraiser aims to gather funds to cover the mounting medical bills, hospice care expenses, and the costs associated with giving Leigh the dignified farewell she deserves.

Every contribution, big or small, serves as a beacon of hope for Leigh and Boh. It embodies the collective strength of a community that refuses to be defeated by life's adversities. Together, we can make a difference in their lives, ensuring that they have the resources and support necessary to face this challenging journey with resilience and courage.

So, if you find it in your heart to give, please consider making a donation to this noble cause. Your generosity will not only provide financial relief but also offer the emotional sustenance that Leigh and Boh need during this difficult time. Let us stand together as a community, proving that love, kindness, and unity can triumph over even the darkest of days.

Fundraiser for medical expenses for Leigh

Non-Profit Organizations:

The Public Broadcasting Music Television Network Non-Profit Organization

Public Broadcasting Music Television Network (PBMTV) is a non-profit, membership-funded, and commercial-free organization offering a global platform for artists of diverse cultures to showcase their creativity. PBMTV's international community-driven programming includes visual art, music, live events, education, comedy, drama, DJ live streams, and more. In response to the challenges faced by artists during the COVID-19 pandemic, PBMTV initiated the Be Well Festival, a 24/7 online event featuring over 400 artists worldwide. The festival's success led to the establishment of PBMTV as a permanent 24/7 streaming internet television station. Launched on August 1st, 2021, PBMTV's membership-based platform aims to promote art in all its forms, fostering a supportive environment for artists to connect with a global audience.

Become a Member / Donate: Memberships & Donations

If you have an important cause related to the music industry or electronic music community and would like to see it listed here, please feel free to contact us.

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