Danny the Wildchild

DJ Danny the Wildchild - A Drum and Bass DJ from Chicago

Danny the Wildchild

Danny the Wildchild - A top U.S. based DnB DJ from Chicago

Born on the Southside of Chicago in 1977, Daniel Garcia, aka Danny The Wildchild is one of the most revered drum & bass DJ's in America! His unique blends of jump up drum and bass, amazing scratching, and original production consistently rock heads at electronic music festivals, drum and bass events and nightclubs around the world!

Known for decades of DJing devastation on the decks, Danny the Wildchild has shared the stage and worked with the Jungle and DnB A-List across the planet throughout his expansive career as one of the top Drum and Bass DJs in the world. What makes Danny the Wildchild stand out is that he has done this while always making time to be upfront and real with his audience!

Danny the Wildchild's persona, perseverance, and drive, always shows in the energy he brings to the packed dance floors he plays for! With more new releases hitting your favorite music streaming platforms, he's simply on fire and continuing to create beats that move the people! Are you ready to JUMP UP?

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Official Website: JumpUpAndRoll.com
Official Facebook Page:  Danny The Wildchild
Official Soundcloud Page: https://soundcloud.com/dannythewildchild