Circle K - Drum n Bass Music Producer, DJ & Event Promoter from Orlando Florida

DJ Circle K - Drum & Bass DJ and Promoter from Orlando Florida USA

Electronic Music Producer/DJ
Torque Drum & Bass • Orlando FL USA

As co-founder and resident DJ of Torque DNB, one of Americaʼs longest running drum & bass nights, Circle K (aka Kevin Harrell) has been at the forefront of the U.S. drum & bass scene and is, hands down, one of the most respected D&B DJs in the state of Florida.

From light, airy atmospherics and smooth, soulful liquid funk to mind-melting neurofunk and breakneck techstep, Circle Kʼs sound knows no bounds and his flawless mixing and infectious energy make rocking the dancefloor seem effortless every time he steps behind the decks.

Circle K’s original tunesare as diverse as his DJ sets. Minimal moody rollers. Upfront neurofunk. Vibey liquid funk. While his tunes can’t be defined by one signature sound, they do have something in common: making people move. His releases on Digital Six Recordings out of Los Angeles, as well as Florida based labels, Theoryon Records and Electron Galaxy Loop, have earned praise from fans and music critics alike.

His remix of the track “Tip Top” peaked at #25 on Beatport’s Top 100 Drum &Bass Releases Charts, and in 2022, Circle K was named Orlando’s Best Electronic Music Act by the Orlando Weekly.

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Circle K has performed in just about every city in Florida, as well as major metropolitan hubs such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, and beyond. So, get ready to get rowdy. Because when this drum and bass veteran steps to the decks, it’s nothing but good vibes his entire set.

Want to get a chance to see the legendary Circle K perform? Catch Circle K in Gainesville Florida at Kontrolled Kaos presents Science & Sickness on Saturday, November 18th, 2023:

Florida Drum and Bass Music Event on Saturday November 18th 2023