DJ DB | A Pioneer of Drum n Bass and Jungle Music in the USA



When it comes to U.S. Drum & Bass and Jungle Music... no other name carries as much weight than the legendary DJ DB.

DB has been credited for being partially responsible for bringing Drum & Bass to the United States as well as being an integral part of the beginning of Rave culture in America. DB is the co-founder of the original BREAKBEAT SCIENCE alongside his business partner DJ DARA. Breakbeat Science Recordings was one of the first drum and bass record labels and record stores dedicated to Drum and Bass music in the US.

As a label, Breakbeat Science signed most of the names you might think of when it comes to U.S. Drum & Bass music (Dara, DB, Dieselboy, Pieter K, DJ Abstract, and AK1200, Reid Speed and other top tier DnB Talent from across the pond such as High Contrast, London Elektricity, Klute, and many others.

Still to this day, DJ DB's full length mix CD's The History Of Our World Part 1: Breakbeat & Jungle Ultramix (1994), DJ DB – Shades Of Technology (1999), The Secret Art Of Science (2001), and The Secret Art Of Science 2 (2007) are considered, by the vast majority of DnB fans, DnB DJs, and DnB Producers as absolute classics in the world of drum and bass music.

Kontrolled Kaos is honored to bring you the legendary DJ DB alongside Phantom 45, Danny the Wildchild, Circle K & MC Collaborator, Monk, ODI, MTPockets, Illterror, and Hellman for a night of ABSOLUTE JUNGLE AND DRUM AND BASS with a focus on AMERICAN and U.S. DnB talent including some of the legends who started it all in the states on Saturday November 18th, 2023 at Kontrolled Kaos Presents Science & Sickness at the legendary Simons Nightclub & Signal Nighclub.

Catch DJ DB in a very exclusive appearance and ultra rare Drum & Bass DJ performance in Gainesville Florida at Kontrolled Kaos presents Science & Sickness on Saturday, November 18th, 2023:

DJ DB live in Gainesville Florida


Official Mixcloud Page:  DJ DB Burkeman on Mixcloud