MONK - Legendary Electronic Music Producer & DJ

MONK Legendary DJ/Producer of Electronic Music


Electronic Music Producer/DJ
Hallucination • Filthy Richard • Tampa FL USA

Monk (Steve McClure) is an absolute legend in the electronic music industry. As the original Co-Founding father of Hallucination Recordings and the highly respected electronic music group Rabbit in the Moon, Monk is truly a pioneer of the Electronic Dance Music Scene.

From small dark clubs to big stages at massive outdoor festivals, always turning it out - it is here where you, the subterranean public may encounter the Monk, the Mack-Of-All-Trades, DJ/producer/artist and overall hustler of dance music culture.

Banging out a soundtrack of underground party music that jumps from house and breaks to slamming disco-tech, and twisted techno, to drum & bass rinse-outs, the mohawked Monk punishes the crossfader as he works one record against another in a style that owes more to hip hop than to conventional club DJ'ing.

Best known for his early work and collaboration with Confucius in the collective Rabbit In The Moon and as the opening DJ to the Rabbit In The Moon live shows for over a decade (1992-2002), Monk continues to ignite dancefloors around the world with his versatile DJ sets.

Voted in BPM magazine as receiving the "most fan email nominations" in the US and one of Americas Favorite DJ's (March 2003), Monk has forged his place in the underground dance community that will live on forever.

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